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Welcome to The Law Office of Mayra Talarico, P.A.

As a former prosecutor, and now a zealous marital and family law attorney and defender, Mayra Talarico can benefit her clients with her experience on both the prosecution and defense sides of the courtroom. She will carefully examine the details of your case to determine the best resolution for your family law or criminal defense matter. You can rest easy knowing a skilled and dedicated lawyer is representing you.

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Mission Statement

Attorney Mayra Talarico is committed to guiding her clients through the family law and criminal justice process while preserving and protecting their rights. As a counselor-at-law, Mayra also helps her clients find a pathway to peace during life’s most difficult challenges.

You can expect aggressive, professional, and compassionate representation when needed the most.

Overview of Practice Areas

Our law office specializes in three practice areas. These are:

  • Family Law
  • Domestic Violence Injunctions/Orders of Protections
  • Criminal Defense

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Our practice is based in Naples, FL. Please contact us today for an appointment.